Best Electronic Response Technology (BERT)


Purpose of BERT

Immediately reports a sign post, guardrail, or other traffic device impact event needing attention ASAP.


Product Specifications:

  • Size – 7” x 3.5” x 2”
  • Approximately 3 pounds
  • Battery powered – power source guaranteed performance = (5) years in all US temperatures
  • Attached to existing traffic device with (2) bolts
  • After a traffic device has been impacted, BERT sends an alert via text message to a specific person within 2 minutes of impact.
  • This programmed message goes to a specific person who is responsible for traffic device replacement – i.e… public works street superintendent, sign shop manager, crew foreman, etc.
  • Personnel will know immediately of the event and can take the necessary corrective action.
  • The text message continues sending an alert every 2 minutes until that person acknowledges the notification.
  • The text message alert contains the exact location of where the event has occurred.
  • Liability & Litigation will greatly be reduced.
  • Roadways will remain safe.