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Protected By U.S. Patent

  • NULOC 1 5,775,863 & 5,980,180
  • NULOC 2 5,980,177
  • TUFF’n LITE 2 D 409,768
  • SNAP’n SAFE™ 7,980,533

NULOC 3 Plastic Drive Rivets have been designed to secure signs to composite and metal posts in a quick, easy and economical manner.

To assemble NULOC 3 rivets, align and insert rivet into hole. Using a hammer, drive the pin of rivet until flush with rivet head. Components are now locked into place.

To remove NULOC 3 drive rivets, drive the pin completely thru the head section with a nail or punch. Remove the rivet by prying underneath the head with a screwdriver.

Product Benefits

The requirement of using additional washers with rivets becomes obsolete when using the NULOC 3 plastic rivet.

• Economically Priced – Approximately ½ the cost of a metal rivet.
• Performance – Strength equal to a metal rivet.
• Maintenance Free – Will not rust or corrode.
• User Friendly – Simple to attach and remove.
• Lock Guarantee – Will not vibrate loose.
• Reusable – Utilized in Permanent or Temporary applications.
• Color Choice – Available in any color.

Product Applications

NULOC 3 drive rivets can be used in many different signage applications. Some areas include:

• Street Identification Signs
• Traffic Control Signs
• Trail Signs
• Marina and Port Signs


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