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Protected By U.S. Patent

  • NULOC 1 5,775,863 & 5,980,180
  • NULOC 2 5,980,177
  • TUFF’n LITE 2 D 409,768
  • SNAP’n SAFE™ 7,980,533

NULOC 1 Plastic Fasteners are designed to secure a variety of materials including fabric, cardboard, plastic or any other material where there is access to the front and back of the items.

Components are fastened by first compressing the nylon clip ends to open the jaws, second sliding the nylon clip over the retaining rings on the stem and then releasing the clip at a designated location.

When required, the plastic fastener can be easily removed by compressing the nylon clip ends to disengage the jaws and then sliding it off the stem.

Product Benefits

• User friendly – No tools required, quick on and off.
• Adjustable – 1/8″ increments.
• Maintenance Free – no rusting.
• Color Choice – available in any color.
• Size choice – custom sizes available.
• Reusable – not limited to one application.
• Lock Guarantee – will not vibrate loose.
• Permanency Option – cut retaining clip ends off.

Product Applications

• Sign Fasteners
• Display Fixtures
• Playground Equipment
• Subassemblies
• Automotive Applications
• Retractable Awnings
• Medical Devices
• Physical Therapy Equipment Furniture


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