The Functions of Breakaway Sign Posts

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The Functions of Breakaway Sign Posts

Breakaway sign posts are an innovative system created to reduce occupant injury and provide safer roadways. Upon impact, the sign post breaks away and does not strike vehicle’s roof or windshield.

The SNAP’n SAFE Breakaway Device is an omni-directional breakaway for small sign supports. They are approved for use by FHWA & meet & exceed the more stringent damage levels contained in the updated NCHRP Report 350 specifications for ground mounted sign supports.

‪Our Breakaway Sign Posts saves you money as well! They are designed so that the install or repair of the sign posts can be done in half the time and with just one person. You can also use your existing sign posts & anchor posts to install with no anchors to repair. Another great feature is that you can eliminate concrete borings with our surface mount design.‬